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Absolutely Thin

Absolutely Thin Offers Medical Weight Loss Programs for Obesity

Overcome obesity with a slimmer and healthier body! Absolutely Thin is a comprehensive bariatric clinic that provides efficient weight loss programs for all body types in the Dallas area. We provide natural and lasting results at prices you can afford. Get the body you long for with effective diet and weight loss plans as well as appetite and hunger suppression prescriptions. Consultations are available by appointment.

We can help you attain your weight loss goals so call Absolutely Thin at (214) 646-1237 to schedule an appointment.

We assess your health and treatment options during an initial office visit and conduct online web consultations as follow-ups for patient convenience. Our weight loss program combined with aggressive physical exercise can help you overcome obesity with a lean and slender shape in a matter of months. Whether you are seeking comprehensive medical programs and prescriptions or calorie burning activities, we are here to help you. Call Absolutely Thin at (214) 646-1237 today for more details.


  • Weight Loss Programs Designed to Fit Patients' Needs
  • Office Visits by Appointment
  • Convenient Medical Treatments
  • Affordable Procedures
  • Utilize Web Consultations After Initial Face-to-Face Meeting
  • Comprehensive Program


  • "I weighed 230 pounds when I started taking BIOLEAN® in May. I am now at 184 pounds, and I'm still losing weight. I feel better now than I've ever felt. I've dropped 46 pounds so far and six waist sizes - from size 40 to size 34." -Ken Muller
  • "I have used the BIOLEAN® System for almost four years and my fat loss has been incredible...over 100 pounds! But what I'm most impressed about with is the health benefits of all the products." -Robin Lovelace
  • “I was originally introduced to the products in April by my obstetrician. By August I had lost 25 pounds and gone from a 9/10 size to a size 5/6! And although I weighed this amount when I was younger, this time seemed different... like less fat." -Maggie Harrington

Also serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Richardson & Carrolton

Our Commitment

  • We make our best attempts to help all & modify as well go along- keeping things that make sense to us & that seem to work while discarding those that don't.


  • Medical Weight Loss Program
  • Face-to-Face Consultations
  • Appetite & Hunger Suppression Prescription Medications
  • Appetite & Hunger Suppression Therapy
  • Weight Loss Pill Prescription
  • Online Weight Loss Consultations

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